Practice Philosophy


Good communication starts with our support staff of well trained nurses, medical support staff, and receptionists who will answer your phone calls and help point you in the right direction. The physicians make themselves readily available to further assist with your medical issues. Our physicians will be available both on the phones and for appointments to help you handle your family's medical questions or issues.

Working Together

Practicing pediatrics requires that physicians, parents, and children work together in a supportive manner. We will approach clinical problems as a team - including the physician, the family, and the patient. Working together also means being flexible on various issues from both the physician's standpoint and from the family's standpoint.

Medical Expertise and Decision Making

The physicians at Pediatric Care Associates take special pride in studying the newest research and changes in pediatric medicine. In fact, practice standards, medications, and treatment options are constantly changing from year to year. We will strive to use this continuous medical education to guide our families to make the right medical decisions for thier child's situation.