Scheduling Well Exams

What are "Well Exams"?

Well exams include standard routine physical exams that are performed when your children are usually healthy. We recommend routine physical exams at regular intervals as indicated in the chart below. Required exams for school entry include yearly exams for most daycare facilities and preschools, entry into kindergarten, fifth grade, high school,and college. Please note that we recommend yearly exams past the age of 3 extending all the way to age 21 for all children and young adults, even though an exam may not be required at that time for school entry. Also, keep in mind that most camps or sport programs will require a physical exam within that year.

During well exams, the physicians focus on several areas that include nutrition and diet assessment, overall developmental asssessment, a complete physical exam from head to toes, and any specific concerns of the child or parents. The physicians will also offer timely advice on other important issues such as vaccine information, accident prevention tips, and behavioral counseling. For grade school children, school issues are also discussed. It should be readily apparent that these exams encompass many important aspects of your child's life, especially during the school years, and should be scheduled on a yearly basis.

Scheduling Well Exams

Well exam appointments are scheduled seperately from sick appointments because it is difficult to cover all the important aspects of a well exam while also attending to the needs of a sick child. You should schedule your well exams in advance of any school, camp, or sports deadlines. Our office can get very busy and our schedule can book up, especially during July and August, and it may be difficult to accomodate everyone without adequate advance scheduling. The best scheduling method is to plan an exam annually around the child's birthday, preferably between Sept. and June. For exams in Sept. through May, please try to schedule one month in advance. For exams in June, July, or August, please allow at least two months advance scheduling, if possible.

For Saturday morning exams, after school exams, or exams during evening hours, please try to schedule 2-3 months in advance. These appointment times are in greatest demand.

Preparing for Well Exams

All children age 4 years and over should have a urine screening test done. Please bring in a clean specimen voided into a zip-lock plastic baggie or clean container. First morning specimens are best. For some insurance plans, we may need to direct you to an outside lab for your tests.

Most well exams will involve either a blood test for anemia(Hemoglobin) or vaccines, or both. For children between the ages of 3-11, try to be fun and upbeat when talking to them about the exam. For younger children, playing doctor games and toy doctor/nurse kits can be helpful. Don't emphasize the negatives, such as shots or tests. The less said about the negatives, the better. For some kids who are very nervous about shots, you can wait until we are ready to give the shot before discussing it with the child. You shouldn't lie when questions are asked, but be plain, simple, and short when answering.

Schedule of Well Exams, Vaccines, & Tests

Newborn Hospital Visit Routine exam Newborn Screen Hep #1 in hospital
Age 3-7 day Office Exam          
Age 1 month Office Exam Hep B #2        
Age 2 months Office Exam DTaP #1 IPV #1 Hib #1 PCV #1 Rota #1
Age 4 months Office Exam DTaP #2 IPV #2 Hib #2 PCV #2 Rota #2
Age 6 months Office Exam DTaP #3 Influenza* Hib #3 PCV #3 Rota #3
Age 9 months Office Exam Hep B #3 Lead Questionaire Hgb test    
Age 12 months Office Exam MMR #1 Chicken Pox #1   Hep A #1  
Age 16 months Office Exam DTaP #4 IPV #3 Hib #4 PCV #4  
Age 20 months Office Exam Hep A #2        
Age 2 years Office Exam Hgb test        
Age 2 1/2 years Office Exam          
Age 3 years Office Exam Hgb test Urine test TB test    
Age 4 years Office Exam DTaP #5 IPV #4 Hgb test Urine test  
Age 5 years Office Exam MMR #2 Chicken Pox #2 Hgb test Urine test  
Age 6-8 years Office Exam     Hgb test Urine test  
Age 9-10 years Office Exam Chol** TB test Hgb test Urine test  
Age 11-13 years Office Exam

HPV #1

Men ACYW #1 Hgb test Urine test Tdap
(HPV #2 six months later)
Age 14 years Office Exam Chol TB test Hgb test Urine test  
Age 15 years Office Exam     Hgb test Urine test  
Age 16-17 Office Exam Men ACYW#2 Men B #1 2nd dose six months later Hgb test Urine test  
Age 18 years Office Exam   TB test Hgb test Urine test Td Vaccine
Age 19-21 years Office Exam Chol   Hgb test Urine test  

* Infulenza vaccine advised yearly at all ages 6 months and older, typically Sep thru Jan
**Normal initial Cholesterol screens are repeated every 5 years